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In today's digital world I feel that it's important that the books, prints and wall portraits that I create are designed to last a lifetime. I hope they help you relive precious moments and bring you joy each and every day.


Monday, January 11, 2016 3:33PM
By Teresa
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Digital photography allows for lots of creativity --and high school seniors are always looking for new and different ways to express themselves -- but you can't beat a great black and white portrait.  Photographers get lazy and use black and white conversions to cover up for poor lighting or composition but the truth is, a great black and white portrait only comes from a great image. You can't make a great portraits out of a lousy one just by turning it black and white. 

What do you look for in a great black and white photograph?  Contrast.  And sometimes grain. Mood. And always you look for emotion.  Just like you can't see the light without the dark, you can't feel the image without some real depth. And that doesn't happen by accident.

We may have learned the old school way, but we love black and white imagry and we love contrast. Bring us your ideas and we'll make them last forever. That's our super power. 

Tuesday, October 06, 2015 9:43AM
By Teresa
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015 3:34PM
By Teresa
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Visit our Kickstarter page and find out more!

Saturday, August 08, 2015 1:49PM
By Teresa
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It's time for our annual model contest for the Tiny Dog Calendar. 21 dogs were photographed and now it's up to YOU to choose the top 13 for the calendar!  Vote here:  and each vote (1 vote = $1) will be donated to the Legacy Humane Society.  The top 13 will be featured in the famous 2016 Tiny Dog Calendar -- on sale in late Setpember.  

  Your votes will help us save, rehabilitate and re-home stray pets in north Texas!  So vote as often as you like (voting ends September 1, 2015) and share the link with your friends! 

Tuesday, July 07, 2015 9:47AM
By Teresa
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Never enough time to schedule a class for dog training?  Many of our clients tell us they WISH they could do a dog training class, but their calendars are just too full. At least that's what they tell us while we're working with their dogs during a photo session.  Most of the dogs that come in for portraits don't even know simple sit/stay commands, and I'll have to confess that my dogs aren't perfectly trained, either. 

My friend, Robin Terrell of Good Dog Fetch has the answer. She makes dog training house calls. You can have her work on a specific issue, or just pick a goal for better all around behavior. And she loves working with kids who want to train their dogs. What a great summer activity to keep kids from getting bored?  Robin's wonderful classes are known far and wide for their positive, insightful methods of training (she calls them Good Manners classes) but most people don't know that she also does private, in home training where she can observe the dog in his/her environment.  Visit her website for lots of information:

Monday, June 08, 2015 1:32PM
By Teresa Berg
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Even if you're not officially signed up with an online dating service, you have probably needed a good "dating photo."  And there is no substitute for a professional portrait.  It doesn't have to be stiff or formal --in fact quite the opposite, you need to look confident, relaxed and friendly --just not as relaxed as the bad cell phone pic from last year's office Christmas party. You will greatly increase your chances of getting good results from your online profile if you take the time to get the right photo done. Here are a few tips to get you started.  


1.  Don't let your clothing grab all the attention!  Solid dark colors are more slimming and tend to flatter your skin. Professional lighting will complete the effect but be sure you don't wear a bold print that distracts the eye. Don't worry, you will still look sexy.

2.  Use a hair and makeup professional  (for women).  A good hair and makeup artist knows how to apply makeup FOR THE CAMERA.  They will keep you looking like YOU, only you on your very best day. They will work with you (and the outfits you've chosen) to create the soft color palate that makes your face unforgettable.

3. Keep jewelry to a minimum.  Just like Tip #1, we want jewelry to enhance but not steal attention from your face.  Bring a variety of accessories and we will help put together the look you want.

4. Practice keeping your chin down.  Don't worry, we know how to avoid double chins -- but nothing says "confidence" like tucking your chin down a tiny bit. Add a little mystery with angles and eye contact.

5. Wait 5-7- days after a haircut.  Most haircuts need a few days to "mature" --so don't come in with a brand new cut unless you KNOW from experience how your hair will behave. The same applies to a tan.  Even the expensive spray tans can look bad through the lens, so wait a few days and make sure.  And no sunburn!  There's almost no Photoshop cure for a bad burn.


6. Get a variety of face and full body shots.  A good photographer will help you pose --and relax you at the same time.  Don't think it's going to be difficult -- just trust a pro and have fun with it. The sexiest thing you can wear is self confidence.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015 11:36AM
By Teresa Berg
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One of my lovely clients recently nominated me for the Dallas A list in two categories:  BEST PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER and BEST PET PHOTOGRAPHER -- and I was so honored!  I know that some of these contests are all about "who has the most friends" etc. but the fact that so many of my clients are jumping on board and voting has been really humbling.  Thank you to all of you. Without your wonderful pets and families I wouldn't have a job and I will never forget that. I am one of the lucky people who springs out of bed every morning, excited to go to work in a photography studio surrounded by your beautiful faces.

If you would like to vote, just click here. It's quick and easy and they don't make you give up a lot of personal information.  and THANKS.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015 9:12AM
By James Martinez
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We have a guest blogger this month -- my friend James Martinez has a new book out that will be very popular with parents! 


Helping Tales Publishers has just released a new children's anti-bullying book. This book is wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated and will teach and entertain children of all ages. It teaches how to properly and safely confront a bully and seek the help of an adult. It uses colorful illustrations and clever rhymes to demonstrate important concepts like selflessness, kindness and compassion. 


This is the fifth book published by Helping Tales Publishers and it, like all the others by them, seeks to empower children. The stories and words are fun and always encourages children to be their best and to make a difference in the world. These are wonderful life lessons that can be discussed and shared in a fun and lyrical way. 


The Dinosaur's New Shoes tackles the topic of bullying and how to stop it in a heartfelt and warm way. The examples that Teddy and his friends display give every chicld a wonderful pattern to emulate. The final lesson of the book shows children how they can change the world and be the hero that is within them. Each book is available on Amazon and a portion of each sale goes to various charities. Helping Tales' motto is "Helping those in need, one story at a time."


You can purchase this book and their other wonderful books about animal adoptions on Amazon, here:   

Tuesday, March 17, 2015 3:36PM
By teresa
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In many parts of the country, fall is the big time for senior portraits --but here in Dallas, it's pretty warm in the fall and then all of a sudden it's the holiday.! So, what usually happens is April arrives and high school seniors wake up and freak out because they haven't made any plans to have their portraits done.  They don't want the lame announcement cards they sell at school but what can the do?  It's too late to have any real senior photos made and graduation is around the corner.  So here's your reminder.  The weather is finally getting better and it's time to pick a date.  Late afternoons work great --the light is nice and you don't even have to get out of bed early.  In fact, we do a lot of portrait sessions after school.  Thank you, Daylight Savings Time.  We have several session options to choose from, including the Quick and Easy session which is a short session for just a little bit of cash.  Call us today!  Our hair and makeup artists are standing by.  If you haven't visited our Seniors website, be sure and check out TERESA BERG SENIORS and make a plan.

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