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Welcome to the Teresa Berg Photography blog!  It's a very special thing to be invited in to someone's life to preserve their memories. My goal is that together we capture some unforgettable moments that become beautiful pieces of your family's story. 

In today's digital world I feel that it's important that the books, prints and wall portraits that I create are designed to last a lifetime. And I hope they bring you joy each and every day.


Making a Portrait Plan
Sunday, June 02, 2013 3:20PM

What's your PORTRAIT PLAN? If you're a new parent, you've probably already heard about the three important stages you'll want to capture during baby's first year. We call them Newborn, Sitting and Standing). Watching how fast they change is a great joy -- and really amazing. After that first year, most families do annual portraits and love to share them during holidays as gifts and cards.  It's simple math -- after a few years you can see how the average home will quickly reach a saturation point!  So what will you do with all of those photographs?  In other words, "What's your portrait plan?" A simple system to keep your family gallery fresh and easy is shown above. Sample F uses 2 simple picture ledges (available at most art and frame stores). Using this  shelf allows you to re-arrange every time you add a new portrait without re-designing the whole wall. Varying the sizes and frames creates an eclectic display that is more interesting to the eye.Our other favorite tip is to use Sample E as a guide and designate a small wall for your three favorite photographs –to be hung as a trio.  By using a standard size (like 11x14 or 16x20) you won’t overwhelm the other décor in the room and you’ll keep your framing costs down.  You can remind your photographer that you will be ordering a vertical 11x14, for example, so he or ...

Belly + Baby Special for 2012
Thursday, June 14, 2012 3:15PM

It's time to announce the annual Belly + Baby Special for 2012. This year we're combining it with a gorgeous new product -- the acrylic block print.  If you sign up for the Belly + Baby special package (a two session package which includes a full maternity photography session and full newborn portrait session for $350) we'll also give you an 8x10 acrylic block print!  Stop by the studio to meet us and view samples -- you won't be able to resist your favorite baby portrait done in acrylic.  Each print comes with it's own matching stand so there's absolutely nothing else to buy, just unwrap it and prepare to dazzle your friends.To qualify you must sign up and pay for the Belly + Baby package ($350) during the month of July, 2012 and use both sessions before the end of the year. Babies must be photographed before they are 15 days old. That's it!

Behind the scenes video
Sunday, May 13, 2012 1:54PM

So often, we rely on a website or an email to reach out and make connections for us. But more than most businesses, portrait photography is personal. For years I have wanted to introduce myself and talk about my work in a personal way -- and this video does it perfectly! I hope you enjoy it and I hope you will share it!  Many thanks to the AMAZING talented Allen Peck of AP2 Films for putting together this wonderful video. 

Dallas Maternity Photography
Monday, April 16, 2012 9:53AM

Maternity sessions have kind of become a specialty for us! We really enjoy helping couples design something fun and unique and we encourage the fathers-to-be to attend and be photographed. The best time to schedule pregnancy sessions is around 32 weeks --at this stage we find that most women are very comfortable and looking great . Need a little extra pampering? We can have a hair/makeup artist here prior to the shoot. We keep lots of fabrics and some gowns designed just for maternity photography --so don't stress about what outfits to bring.  And best of all, the studio is quiet and private so couples can relax and just have fun. In fact, it's really a compliment that so many of the Dads leave saying "Wow! that was a blast!"  So take a look at the nursery wall... what better way for your child to know how excited you were to welcome him in to the world?