It's all about the light...
What are you wearing for YOUR senior portraits?
Friday, April 18, 2014 11:51AM

Here's a short list of some fun things you might want to bring for your senior portrait session:1. Something Mom likes.  You know she's got an opinion and since she's more than likely picking up the tab, be sure that you have at least one outfit that she loves.  It will save so many arguments later!2. Something super casual.  Most of our sessions are done at least partially outdoors and you'll want something that you can jump, climb or lay on the grass in. Your favorite jeans or shorts, maybe?3. The perfect dress.  Girls almost always have at least one dress (could be a PROM dress) that makes them feel sooooo good.  Something that is lightweight and flirty works great with a bit of a breeze!4. Layers.  Every outfit is more interesting in a photograph if there are layers involved.  So even a cute dress with a sweater or jean jacket or for guys a vest or a hoodie?  Or a shirt with a t-shirt or tank underneath?5. Something sentimental?  A lot of seniors want to bring something that has a lot of good memories for them.  Those special boots, your grandfather's hat, a special charm bracelet -- whatever it is, just be sure and tell us about it so we can make it a special focus during your session.We're preparing to launch our new senior portrait website, but until then, check out our SENIORS board on Pinterest for more fun ideas

Dallas Senior portraits
Monday, April 14, 2014 1:24PM

We are busy meeting with seniors, talking about senior portraits and photographing senior portrait sessions this time of year.  The choice and tastes amoung seniors are varied but one thing that always stands out -- they want and need to express themselves at this very important time in their lives.  If you're planning a photo session here's a list of things to consider: 1. location!  Most seniors want outdoor sessions, but where outdoors?  We're known for our unexpected and interesting location sessions, so let us know if you want to try something different, chances are we've got some great spots on our list.2. hair + makeup!  We strongly encourage our senior girls to add the Hair + Makeup option to their session. For only $100 you can feel like you've just stepped out of dressing room at the movie studio! We use some of the best sylists in Dallas and not only is it a big boost to your confidence, but it can really add depth and interest to your portraits. 3. clothing!  We've been busy putting together some great Pinterest boards and online tools for you to use in choosing your outfits.  We tend to do a fashion-style shoot and the clothing (no matter how casual it is) reveals so much about your personality.  Bring mom's favorite outfit but don't forget to add the touches that make you feel like YOU.4. timing!  We like ...

Mothers Day portraits because we love Moms
Wednesday, April 02, 2014 5:01PM

Moms are the best -- so we like to pamper them every chance we get!  This year, we're doing our first ever MOTHERS DAY PORTRAIT EVENT and inviting Mom to bring the kids (or even HER mom) for some beautiful, soft white-on-white studio portraits designed to flatter mom in every way.  And we'll have the hair and make up artist here for her to make it even easier.  So let's review:1. No complicated outfits to coordinate --everybody wears WHITE!2. No difficult locations or weather issues -- just come to the studio.3. No worries with hair and make up -- the wonderful team from the Johnny Rodriguez Salon is here and ready.4. If Mom needs prints by Mother's Day, we'll make sure she has them to enjoy on her special holiday.5. And best of all, Mom's in the picture and not behind the camera.But it's a one day event, so call the studio to book your time slot.  Your $250 session fee includes the hair and make up artist and your photography session for up to 5 of mom's favorite people.

Baby Photographer Dallas : Combining Babies and Pets
Sunday, March 23, 2014 1:52PM

I photograph many combinations of families with dogs, kids with dogs, even small babies with dogs and I am always asked for recommendations on how and when to add pets to family portraits. We often have parents with newborns that want to bring a dog!Some families just know when the time is right, but consider these three things before scheduling your photo session.1. Is the baby sitting up by himself? Because if he's not, and we're trying to get an artistic photograph of the two of them, the dog will always wins the lion's share of the attention.  A baby under six to seven months is difficult to position with a pet because he can only lay flat (or be artificially propped up) and the viewer's eye will immeditately go to the dog.2. Consider the relationship between the baby/and or child and your pet. For one thing, many pets do not enjoy being mauled by a toddler, no matter how cute it looks. They may suffer quietly and even act like they're okay with it but they're really just trying to please. A kids photo session at our studio often includes a pet, but usually when the child is old enough to know how to approach gently and sit still.  Or we make it a family portrait and get everyone in on the act so that parents or older siblings are close enough to run interference.3. Attention span. Here is where the baby and the pet may be on equal footing. They both tend to be ...

Business Headshots
Monday, February 24, 2014 4:44PM

A corporate or executive style portrait or headshot may not be on everyone's bucket list -- but it should be.  Next time you google yourself, click on the images tab. Like what you see?  Do you think that a perspective employer won't do the same thing?  If all of the images that come up are your late night party shots from facebook, then perhaps you should think about an update!  Your headshots do not have to be stuffy or super conservative -- the trend is clearly going more casual -- but they need to be sharp, well lit and professional.  We shoot hundreds of business portraits and executive headshots every year, so we know how to help you get the desired results.  We often do large and small groups on site, too, so if you have a group give us a call for a quote!