5 Things Your Baby Photographer Wants you to Know from Teresa Berg Photography
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Thursday, July 11, 2013
By Teresa
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As a baby photographer, I am routinely consulted on a number of different logistical issues involved with planning a newborn photography session. I always laugh because chatting with new parents I notice that they are often shocked when they realize that all of a sudden it's much more difficult to schedule and manage their daily activities.  It's like they didn't know it was coming!  So I came up with a list of FAQs that might help when you're talking to a baby photographer or a family photographer about scheduling a photo session.

1. What is the ideal age for a newborn portrait session?   I always say 7-10 days, but DEFINITELY before 14 days.  Our studio is calm and quiet and we can easily photograph your baby at 4 or 5 days if that works better for you --but 7 days seems to work great for everyone.

2. How far in advance do I book a newborn photo session?  For baby and family photographers there are certain times of the year are much busier. The fall, for example, is pretty crazy for most Dallas family photographers because the weather is finally cooler and outdoor family portrait sessions are usually scheduled in the fall. So if your baby is due in the last quarter of the year, please book your newborn session as far in advance as possible. Two months? Even three months is not a problem. Other times of the year we can usually accommodate new parents with just a few weeks notice.

3. What if I only have an approximate due date?  Not everyone schedules a new baby right down to the minute! We "pencil" in your due date and allow for some changes --but it helps a lot to know when the baby is scheduled to make her appearance!  We usually have you call us when you leave the hospital at which point we set a definite time on the calendar.

4. How long is a newborn photography session?  That's an easy one -- as long as it takes!  Prior to your session we send you a list of things to do to prepare. If you're careful and plan accordingly, your baby will sleep peacefully through their photo session and we will get loads of great photos.  But every baby is different and a general rule around here is 60-90 minutes.  We often take breaks for feeding and diaper changes, but 60-90 minutes is the norm.

5. What do I need to bring?  Our studio is stocked to overflowing with baskets, blankets, hats, rugs and cool chairs -- all of which are available for our clients to use. We usually have parents wear solid colors, both to flatter the new mom and to focus more attention on the baby. Our clients get a "what to bring list" when they book their session.

Stay tuned for more tips for great photography sessions!

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