Custom Holiday Cards from Teresa Berg Photography
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Tuesday, November 04, 2014
By Teresa
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Tired of the same old graphics and borders?  Custom cards are the way to go.  If you've got really good photography, you don't need all the little swirls and pine cones to make an impact.  We love designing custom cards for our clients using great family portraits.  And to save even more time and money, schedule a Half Session in the studio (only available on weekdays).  Half sessions are easier to schedule than outdoor sessions and much easier for Mom to keep everyone looking their best.  Thirty minutes of fun at a reduced price ($125) and create your beautiful card. So easy.  Try using either our WHITE & WHITE  or BLACK & GRAY color schemes and you don't even need to worry about coordinating all the outfits.  And don't forget what a wonderful gift a photograph makes -- no need to worry about what size grandma wears -- she'll love an 8x10!

Whatever colors work best for your family -- try a Half Session in the studio and give yourself a break from the crush of the holiday to-do list!

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