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Friday, October 14, 2016
By Teresa Berg Photography
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Fall hits Dallas and POOF! everyone starts scrambling to schedule a portrait session.  If you haven't done this before you may not know that photographers work way ahead because from the time you are photographed, your proofs are edited, you meet to make your selections and the photographer orders your prints, it can take 4 weeks or more. Not to mention the time it takes to schedule hair appointments, purchase the clothes you want to be photographed in and find the right photographer. 

We're not trying to add to your stress!  Just a simple explanation as to why October and November are the two busiest months of the year for photographers. In other parts of the country, families schedule their portrait sessions all summer long but the Dallas summers just don't allow us many options for outdoor shooting. Need ideas?  Check out our portfolio of family portraits. There's even a gallery of clothing ideas on this blog (upper left, click on WHAT TO WEAR). We love casual, relaxed family portraits - and we'd love to hear your ideas!

Our studio also offers some great natural light sessions INDOORS -- which gives our clients more options -- but, please!  Don't wait until November to call and make an appointment?  We hate to say "no" -- but the cutoff date for ordering prints and cards in time for the Christmas holidays is December 5th.  

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