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Wednesday, April 19, 2017
By Teresa Berg Photography
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We love maternity photo sessions -- it's our chance to get creative with the beautiful shape and style of pregnancy -- and we do a lot of them.  And while we have some clients that are extremely modest and are only looking for some couples shots that show the beautiful bump,  we also have clients who want to create an artistic piece for their home. The important thing to know is that these beautiful memories are the best way to tell the complete story for your child. 

Whether maternity photography is primarily your way to capture the miracle of what's going on with your body or you're only interested in documenting your child's history, it's all art to us.  We love using light and shadows to show you at your most beautiful.

 So here's some FAQs from recent inquiries that may be helpful...


Q: When is the best time for a maternity photo session?

A: Usually 30 weeks, or later, depending on how you feel physically.  We can work around swollen ankles, etc. but we want to show the belly at it's roundest! 


Q: Our dog is our "firstborn" can I bring him with us?

A:  Yes! You'd be surprised how many maternity sessions we do that include a pet. 


Q: Do I have to do it in the studio? What if I want an outdoor maternity session?

A: We love doing outdoor sessions, and have several pretty locations nearby that work well.


Q: Are husbands and siblings allowed in the session?

A: Of course! We want to tell the whole story for your child (and for you). We love to include the rest of the immediate family


Q: What do I need to bring?

A: We will email you a list of suggested items to bring -- and we have lots of props and gowns available for your use.


Q: Do you have a hair and makeup artist? 

A: We have great hair and makeup people that will meet you at the studio and do everything for you before we shoot. You can literally go from them to the camera. Pamper yourself!  You deserve it! 


Q: I have a few special requests and things I've seen online -- can you do them?  

A: We love it when our clients get involved in planning the shoot! Create a Pinterest board with some of your favorite shots and we can over them with you -- or bring some ideas saved to your phone. We'll make a plan!


Still not sure if it's right for you?  Give us a call at the studio and schedule a time to come by and look at samples and discuss it face to face -- we would love to meet you. Just call ahead (972-250-2415) to make sure we're not with a client. We can walk you through the whole process and help you feel comfortable with your choices. 



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