Newborn Photography Q&A
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Wednesday, May 24, 2017
By Teresa Berg Photography
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Why is newborn photography so important? Because the whole story needs to be told!  And it's just such a magic time. Photographers like to think of themselves as time-stoppers. It's our super power. We capture images and memories in a (hopefully) artistic way that brings joy to our client families for a lifetime.  Brand new babies are something a whole family celebrates, but they don't look brand new for very long!  

Here is a short Q&A to answer some of the questions we get asked most often.


Q: What is the best age for newborn photography?

A: 6-10 days old is great, but DEFINITELY before day 14. We will certainly photograph newborns older than this, but posing options become more limited.  There are a few exceptions -- like if baby was a preemie. We agree with the people at Let Mommy Sleep...


Q: Should newborn sessions be "in home" or "in studio"?

A: We love using the studio. We have plenty of open space to spread out and so many creative elements that we can add to your portraits -- right at our fingertips.  We couldn't possibly carry everything to a client's home and offer them as many options.  Plus, most new moms are SO READY to get out of the house at this point. Leave the mess at home and let us take care of everything for you.  All you bring is the sleepy baby!


Q: Can we bring big brother or sister to the newborn session? 

A: Of course!  That shot of the two of them together is going to melt your heart for at least 50 years. We wouldn't want to miss that.  It's not the easiest (from the photographer's standpoint) and sometimes not the most artistic, but it's definitely the one that every family asks for.  We will help plan big brother or sister's arrival, though, so we get plenty of alone time with the new baby before things get hectic. 


Q: What do I need to bring to the newborn session?

A: We will send you a list after you book your session, but basically come with the baby and a change of clothes for both parents.  We'll discuss clothing colors but since most babies are photographed bare, there will be accidents!  We furnish all sorts of baskets, hats, headbands, blankets and props and will help you coordinate colors that match the nursery -- you just bring a sleepy baby.


Q: How long does a newborn session take?

A: It depends on how well the baby sleeps, but usually about 2 hours.  


Q: Does my baby have to be asleep during the newborn session?

A: No - but at this age, if the baby is awake, he or she is usually restless. And did you know newborns often look a little cross-eyed?    These two things really limits the quality of the portraits that we can create. A sleepy baby can be positioned in lots of different ways to give us more options.  

Our newborn sessions are warm, quiet and relaxing.  We play soft music, keep the lights low and let everyone settle in and get comfortable.  The atmosphere is purposeful. We want to create a womb-like environment where baby can easily drop off to sleep.  We sometimes take feeding breaks, but usually Jessiree and I work as a efficient team, so Mom and everyone can relax. 

 Our newborn gallery is here

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