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Tuesday, July 07, 2015
By Teresa
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Never enough time to schedule a class for dog training?  Many of our clients tell us they WISH they could do a dog training class, but their calendars are just too full. At least that's what they tell us while we're working with their dogs during a photo session.  Most of the dogs that come in for portraits don't even know simple sit/stay commands, and I'll have to confess that my dogs aren't perfectly trained, either. 

My friend, Robin Terrell of Good Dog Fetch has the answer. She makes dog training house calls. You can have her work on a specific issue, or just pick a goal for better all around behavior. And she loves working with kids who want to train their dogs. What a great summer activity to keep kids from getting bored?  Robin's wonderful classes are known far and wide for their positive, insightful methods of training (she calls them Good Manners classes) but most people don't know that she also does private, in home training where she can observe the dog in his/her environment.  Visit her website for lots of information:

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