Six Tips for Good Dating Headshots
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Monday, June 08, 2015
By Teresa Berg
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Even if you're not officially signed up with an online dating service, you have probably needed a good "dating photo."  And there is no substitute for a professional portrait.  It doesn't have to be stiff or formal --in fact quite the opposite, you need to look confident, relaxed and friendly --just not as relaxed as the bad cell phone pic from last year's office Christmas party. You will greatly increase your chances of getting good results from your online profile if you take the time to get the right photo done. Here are a few tips to get you started.  


1.  Don't let your clothing grab all the attention!  Solid dark colors are more slimming and tend to flatter your skin. Professional lighting will complete the effect but be sure you don't wear a bold print that distracts the eye. Don't worry, you will still look sexy.

2.  Use a hair and makeup professional  (for women).  A good hair and makeup artist knows how to apply makeup FOR THE CAMERA.  They will keep you looking like YOU, only you on your very best day. They will work with you (and the outfits you've chosen) to create the soft color palate that makes your face unforgettable.

3. Keep jewelry to a minimum.  Just like Tip #1, we want jewelry to enhance but not steal attention from your face.  Bring a variety of accessories and we will help put together the look you want.

4. Practice keeping your chin down.  Don't worry, we know how to avoid double chins -- but nothing says "confidence" like tucking your chin down a tiny bit. Add a little mystery with angles and eye contact.

5. Wait 5-7- days after a haircut.  Most haircuts need a few days to "mature" --so don't come in with a brand new cut unless you KNOW from experience how your hair will behave. The same applies to a tan.  Even the expensive spray tans can look bad through the lens, so wait a few days and make sure.  And no sunburn!  There's almost no Photoshop cure for a bad burn.


6. Get a variety of face and full body shots.  A good photographer will help you pose --and relax you at the same time.  Don't think it's going to be difficult -- just trust a pro and have fun with it. The sexiest thing you can wear is self confidence.

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