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Friday, February 03, 2017
By Teresa Berg Photography
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One of our favorite framing resources, FRAMEBRIDGE, has a great blog full of ideas on how to use photographs as art in your home. Not only do the do a great job framing art (it's so easy you won't believe it) but they do a great job showing you how to use it in your home. 

Most of our clients have little or no trouble selecting the images they love -- the challenge is what to do with them. By the time you have a kid or two and document all those milestones, you're usually running out of wall space.  Many of our clients put their favorites in our coffee table books or portfolio boxes, but the special ones really need to live on the wall, where they can share them with every visitor and see all the lovely details.

What makes us really sad is to hear, "Oh, I loved that photo you did of them last year -- it's still under the bed waiting to be framed."  THIS year, make it your New Year's resolution to share the photos you love (and not the 2x3" electronic images you post on facebook and keep on your phone) -- view them the way they were meant to be seen -- on the wall!

Thanks, Framebridge, for making that so easy and affordable. 

For other great wall arrangement visuals, check out our "random cool ideas" Pinterest board for ideas for displaying photography. 

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