Texas Bluebonnets make Great Memories
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Monday, April 02, 2018
By Teresa Berg Photography
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It's hard NOT to love bluebonnets. To most of us, spring is a time when everything wakes up and shows off -- and nothing shows off better than a lush field full of our Texas state flowers  And it's hard to find a home or office in Texas without at least ONE family portrait filled with bluebonnets. It's kind of a big  deal.

As a photographer that does a lot of people with their pets, the bluebonnets also work well.  Many of our parks and botanical gardens are off-limits to pets -- but bluebonnets are open to everyone!   So we annually plan to spend a day or two outdoors doing shorter sessions while they are in their glory.  If you're not familiar, they usually grow on roadsides and fields that don't get mowed regularly and generally in full sun.  The lack of shade makes it challenging to get the soft gentle light we love for skin tones so choosing the location is especially tricky. 

Ready to reserve your BLUEBONNET MINI SESSION WITH US? Choose the 12, 13 or 14th of April. Call the studio at 972-250-2415 and we'll help you choose the time slot that works best for your family. The 30 minute session is $125 -- and the memories are PRICELESS!


If you're going to DIY your bluebonnet photos,  try finding a spot with some shade and shoot INTO the shade, not the sun.  If the light is just so bright that everyone is squinting and squirming, try getting above your subject and pointing the camera down at them which makes the bluebonnets the background,  not the blazing sun.  Finally, choose a safe spot.  A steep hill on the side of the interstate make look nice from the car as you pass by, but remember you're going to have to park and walk to your spot! 




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