Time for a shameless plug : DALLAS A LIST PHOTOGRAPHER
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015
By Teresa Berg
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One of my lovely clients recently nominated me for the Dallas A list in two categories:  BEST PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER and BEST PET PHOTOGRAPHER -- and I was so honored!  I know that some of these contests are all about "who has the most friends" etc. but the fact that so many of my clients are jumping on board and voting has been really humbling.  Thank you to all of you. Without your wonderful pets and families I wouldn't have a job and I will never forget that. I am one of the lucky people who springs out of bed every morning, excited to go to work in a photography studio surrounded by your beautiful faces.

If you would like to vote, just click here. It's quick and easy and they don't make you give up a lot of personal information.  and THANKS.

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