What makes a great family portrait?
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Thursday, September 15, 2016
By Teresa Berg Photography
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What makes a great family portrait? It may seem crazy, but let's make a list. 

1. Location

Get away from your messy living room or your crowded back yard  - a privacy fence is not a pretty background for a portrait.  Either incorporate a little nature or at least some interesting architecture like a bridge, a stone or ivy-covered wall or an attractive lower fence. This gives your photo a feeling of relaxation (or excitement depending on what you pick).  If some of your family is overweight, these natural features will flatter them. For clients that don't want to go outdoors, consider something like this:


2. Simple clothing

You don't all need to match, but soft coordinating colors with layers of texture will add depth and interest. Here in Dallas, people often default to jeans and white shirts which look clean, but couldn't be more boring.  Not to mention that light colors reflect more light and make you look bigger, which most people don't want. You don't want your clothing to be brighter than your face or it grabs all the attention.  How about soft shades of dark greens and browns?  And let the kids wear something with a print that repeats those colors?  

3. Add an activity for natural smiles

Something as simple as throwing leaves in the air, or a hug or some sort of game they can play while in place gives life to their faces instead of those automatic frozen smiles. 

And, of course, book your session EARLY -- photographers are slammed in the fall when the weather in Dallas is milder.  You want the best time-of-day (meaning LIGHT) for your portraits and there are only so many Saturday afternoons to go around!  Call us now and we can still get you on the calendar for late October, early November.  972-250-2415. 

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